Nadirah X is an immense artist/rapper/poet in her own right whose influences are steeped in a rich tapestry ranging from seminal musical artists like Queen Latifah and Salt n Peppa to socially aware and immortal symbols of change like Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey but as she states: “I heard Black Hand Side from the Black Reign album and I was hooked".

On the back of such a colourful tapestry, in 2011 she dropped her critically acclaimed album Ink , on Dave Stewart’s label Weapons of Mass Entertainment. It was an album that brought influences of her birth country Jamaica while still being a hip-hop album where she spoke words of poignancy and power beguiling listeners with her insights. It was the power of her words that actually enticed Dave Stewart (formerly of the hugely influential Eurythmics)to sign her and since then work with names like, Annie Lennox, Glen Ballard, Anna Visi, Jimmy Cliff, Harry Belafonte, Mick Jagger and Joss Stone has followed.

A few things said about Nadirah X 

“Her words are direct. They come from the street and hit you in the gut” – Deepak Chopra


“What the 21st Century needs is a 21st century voice, and nothing represents that voice better than Nadirah X” - Harry Belafonte

"She's Wicked"- Joss Stone

“Her words and intent are not only pure and spot on social political commentary , but she has the most beautiful and graceful presence” - Dave Stewart, Eurythmics

"She's the real deal" - Mick Jagger,

“Fierce, fearless, and fabulous, a poet from the heart and soul. Compelling!” - Glen Ballard Multi-Award Winning Writer and Producer.